Community Promotion

This committee is governed by the joint Terms of Reference.

Current Members

  • Chair: Sophia Park
  • Members: Elliot Pines, Harriet Horobin-Worley, Kaitlin Tremblay, Natalie Zina Walschots


  1. Plan and coordinate external communications including:
    • monthly email newsletter
    • social media campaigns
    • general daily promotion of DMG events and member projects
  2. Actively research and signal boost mentions and exhibitions of member work via Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts on the DMG site
  3. Communicate speaking and workshop opportunities with members
  4. Develop and maintain style guide covering voice and topic guidelines
  5. Collaboratively manage DMG Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts through Buffer, adhering to voice and topic guidelines
  6. Develop weekly/monthly topic calendar around events and initiatives (Trello)
  7. Develop communications and promotional plan around original content (tutorials, videos, etc.)

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